The story of Hedgerow Clothing goes back nearly 20 years to Kathy McKenzie’s inspirational journey through narrow lanes lined by rows of hedges and home to multitudes of cute creatures great and small. What started then, was her vision to capture the gentle spirit of the English hedgerow in timeless clothing designs to delight and captivate children and parents. Like the enduring countryside, only high-quality fabrics would carry her original ideas in designs that capture fine detail and change like the seasons.

Two decades on, and the company has carved a niche in the children's clothing and sleepwear world and expanded into designs and ranges that delight the whole family. Crisp cotton sleepwear, baby outfits and dad’s pyjamas are all now home to the curious creatures of the hedgerow or co-ordinating stripes.

While the journey continues on these pages, which carry all the new season’s ranges, the vision remains rooted in the spirit of the countryside.

‘Classical, timeless style that can be appreciated and enjoyed for years to come.’


Hedgerow Clothing is available online and at the following outlets: